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MY Pepper Jelly actually began in my Nanny's kitchen in the SC Lowcountry a LONG time ago.  My grandparents had a farm and taught me everything that I know about growing and using fruits and vegetables.  I learned how to make my first batches of jelly when I was about ten years old.  Making pepper jelly was a way to use those end of the season peppers, so nothing went to waste.  

Typically, in South Carolina, folks only served pepper jelly during the holidays over cream cheese with crackers.  Back in the day, ladies only made pepper jelly that was red or green, and colored with lots of food coloring.

I took what my Nanny taught me and kicked it up a notch.  I wanted more flavors, spicier ingredients, and reasons to serve pepper jelly all year long.  MY Pepper Jelly is still made in small batches with only the freshest ingredients, and no dyes or additives.  I hope you enjoy!!


New Flavor!!!

My newest flavor is Mixed Berry Margarita.  Already a customer favorite, this jelly is made with 4 types of fresh berries, green bell peppers, & jalapenos.  A splash of tequila and a squeeze of fresh lime juice make this the perfect spring/summer addition. 

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